About Us

Sigüenza y Carrascosa is a boutique law firm founded in 2015 as an effort to improve the quality of legislation, public policies and institutions in Central America and the Caribbean.

In the development of our clients’ business activities, it is necessary to recognize that legislative activity can enable, regulate or prohibit the activities of citizens. For this reason, isolating oneself from legislative action is not an option.

Currently, navigating the seas of information is one of the challenges for organizations. We seek to position ourselves as the lighthouse that will give you the necessary signals to reach the safe port.

Our core values


For us it is a priority to generate products and provide services of the highest level.

Dedication and commitment

We provide services that adjust to the needs of our clients.


We believe in honesty as the backbone of our activities.

Our team

Our team is prepared to help organizations protect their interests and achieve their goals, through political and legal strategies. We have the right information at the right time. We are prepared and have the experience that allows us to efficiently find the best solutions.

Our operation

We have operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.


El Salvador


Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

Transparency Protocol

Sigüenza & Carrascosa does not offer, pay, deliver, promise payment or authorize payment, directly or indirectly, of money, gifts or any object or asset of value to improperly obtain or retain any business or advantage, to induce persons or public officials to carry out functions that are inappropriate or that could be in violation of the norms of the Republic of Guatemala and international parameters.

In this sense, it does not offer, under any modality, directly or indirectly, gifts, money, gifts or any object of value, to public officials or representatives of the Congress of the Republic, either on their own initiative or because the officials request it. , so that they decide an issue in some specific way.

Nor is it part of, financed, or in favor of any political party, so all work is carried out objectively and with political independence.