What we do

We are committed to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of our customers. Our team of highly trained experts is focused on providing personalized and effective solutions.

Legislative tracking and analysis

We study general and specific risks that bills can generate to our client’s activity.

We analyze and monitor legislative and political trends in the region. Then generate instruments such as stakeholder maps, alerts, and political reports.

This allows our clients to prepare appropriate prevention strategies.

Our services are personalized, as we know that each company has different needs.

Comparative law and
legislative and regulatory design

Comparative law is a method of legal research that allows for finding solutions in foreign legal systems and adapting them to specific needs.

We use comparative law as a precedent for the technical and well-founded design of laws or regulations. We generate instruments such as comparative law studies, legislative or regulatory benchmarks, and legislative or regulatory designs.

Through the functional method, we find solutions in foreign legal systems, identify differences and similarities, and adapt them to the Guatemalan context.

Corporate law services

Within our corporate advisory department, we resolve and guide our clients in all legal aspects related to their businesses and interests. We conduct everything from legal research to reviewing agreements, documents, contracts, or final transactions derived from them. We have an efficient, proactive team with the skills to negotiate the necessary agreements to materialize their projects. We have an efficient, proactive team with the skills to negotiate the necessary agreements to materialize their projects.

We are dedicated to accompanying our clients in all types of business and public or private interactions, drafting the relevant legal instruments according to the type of business presented and the conditions established for entrepreneurs within the current legal framework. We have developed a corporate practice in which we ensure that our clients conduct their business with due diligence, specializing in investigating and resolving issues innovatively and efficiently.

We specialize in supporting interest management, which includes legislative advocacy services. In this type of support, we present our clients’ cases to the general public and the state, as well as to decision-makers and key social stakeholders.

In the corporate advisory department, we offer our services in the following areas: notary services; real estate; commercial transactions; institutional governance structure; legal and financial audits; labor ethics manuals to prevent risks related to corruption and bribery, and adaptation of internal regulations to corporate human rights standards.