What we do

We are committed to provide high-quality services that meet the needs of our customers. Our team of highly trained experts is focused on providing personalized and effective solutions.

Legislative tracking and analysis

We study general and specific risks that bills can generate to our client’s activity.

We analyze and monitor legislative and political trends in the region. Then generate instruments such as stakeholder maps, alerts, and political reports .

This allows our clients to prepare appropriate prevention strategies.

Comparative law and
legislative and regulatory design

We use comparative law as a tool to solve legal issues.

Using the functional method, we find solutions in foreign legal systems. We analyze differences and similarities, and adapt the best practices to the local legal system.

Corporate law services

We specialize in supporting the management of our clients’ interests, we provide a legislative advocacy service in which we present their cases to the general public and the state in particular in the region.

We also provide advice on the matter of corporate law, notary services, real estate, commercial businesses regulations, corporate governance, legal and financial due diligence, anti-corruption and bribery policies, guidance to adapt to new regulations, and compliance with corporate human rights standards.